• Follow all directions (see attached instruction sheet).
• Answer each question completely, to the best of your ability.
• Do not sign application certification until all information is complete
(see “check list” included with directions).
• Mail completed and signed application to:
Hope & A Future
P.O. Box 61172
Phoenix, AZ 85082

P.O. Box 61172
Phoenix, AZ 85082
Phone: (602) 258 – 5860 Web:

#1 Student/Applicant’s full name.
#2 Student/Applicant’s birth date: month/day/year.
#3 Student/Applicant’s current mailing address.
#4 Student/Applicant’s permanent mailing address, if different than current address.
#5 Student/Applicant’s phone number.
#6 Student/Applicant’s alternative phone number, e.g. voice mail/message number, pager number.
#7 Student/Applicant’s Social Security number.
#8 Is the Student/Applicant currently in foster care?
#9 What dates (month/year) was the Student/Applicant in foster care in the State of Arizona? (ex. From: 1/90 To: 6/97)
#10 Was the Student/Applicant in foster care in any other state, besides Arizona? If Yes, what dates (month/year)? (ex. From: 1/90 To: 6/97)
#11 Did the Student/Applicant participate in Royal Family Kids’ Camp or Teen Reach Adventure Camp?
#12 Name of the most current Child Protective Services’ Case Manager assigned to Student/Applicant’s CPS case.
#13 CPS Case Manager’s phone number (Must be current or last known).
#14 Name and phone number of Student/Applicant’s assigned Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) (if applicable).
#15 Name of Student/Applicant’s “Personal Reference” (e.g. foster family, CASA, CPS Case Manager, Guardian ad Litem, Attorney, etc.)
#16 Phone number of “Personal Reference”.
#17 Address of Personal Reference”.
#18 Name of Student/Applicant’s “Academic Reference” (ex. Teacher, Principal, Counselor, etc.)
#19 Phone number of “Academic Reference”.
#20 Address of “Academic Reference”.
#21-24 Names and location (city and state) of all high schools, GED programs, Trade or Business schools previously attended, including dates attended, degree or diploma awarded, and date received.
#25-26 Name and address of School/University/College/Course of Study/Program to which Student/Applicant is applying or has applied.
#27 Check description that best describes the proposed School/Program.
#28 Describe Student/Applicant’s proposed course of study. (ex. medical, accounting, nursing, biology, cosmetology, general, etc.)
#29 Proposed start date of classes/program.
#30 Check Student/Applicant’s proposed status.
#31 Proposed completion date of classes/program.
#32-33 Name and phone number of financial aid officer, or other school/program contact person.
#34 Date Student/Applicant applied to School/Program.
#35 Has Student/Applicant been accepted into School/Program? If yes, attach a copy of acceptance letter.
#36 Indicate if Student/Applicant is seeking assistance for only one particular semester, or for the entire school year.
#37-38 List all anticipated expenses and amounts for the applied for semester/year.
#39-41 List all grants, loans, scholarships, work-study programs, and amounts applied for, received, and the date such funds were received.
#42 Indicate whether Student/Applicant has completed an FASFA, if yes, attach a copy of the completed application or summary report.
#43 List other sources of funds to be used for educational purposes.
#44-48 Provide requested employment information.
#49-50 Indicate amount requested from Hope & A Future and date needed . (Please remember that Hope & A Future generally provides a maximum of $ 5,000.00
#51 Hope & A Future would like to hear directly from you. Please use the space provided to tell us about your goals and objectives in pursuing your chosen course of study

Check List

Documents Needed To Complete New Application (new applicants):
Completed John S. Brewer Memorial Scholarship application
Letters of recommendation: (1) Personal; and (2) Academic
If currently enrolled in proposed School/Program, copy of most recent transcript
Copy of FAFSA application or summary report
Copy of acceptance letter into proposed school/program
Information on proposed Course of Study/School/Program
Documents Needed to Complete Annual Application (continuing applicants):
Completed John S. Brewer Memorial Scholarship Application
Continuing John S. Brewer Memorial Scholarship recipients must provide a copy of their most recent
transcript… Failure to do so may result in canceling scholarship sponsoring by Hope & A Future
Any updated FAFSA report
Verification of current registration

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